Fees & Schedule

Fees for child care are set and approved by the Province of Manitoba

The daily fee for Preschool Care is $20.80.  Of this, $18.80 may be fully or partially subsidized by the Province of Manitoba. 


The daily fee for Infant Care is $30.00.  Of this, $28.00 may be fully or partially subsidized by the Province of Manitoba.  


The unsubsidized portion $2.00 per day may be partially subsidized if parents are in recipient of Income Security, Student Social Allowance or other training institutions.  Otherwise, the parent is responsible for this payment.  


Subsidy application can be completed online at http://www.gov.mb.ca/fs/childcare/families/childcare_subsidies.html or forms are available at each centre.  The amount of subsidy provided by the province depends on the combined family income and other criteria.


A nutritious wholesome lunch program is available for a fee of $1.25 per day.   


Invoices are issued to parents every four weeks (billing period) a fee schedule outlines the dates of the billing period.   Should you require more information about fees or about your invoice please contact our Financial Manager at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Click here for the fee schedule

More information on subsidy as well as Subsidy Eligibility Estimator and online subsidy application can be obtained at Manitoba Child Care Online www.gov.mb.ca/childcare